Hey Fam. I know. It’s been a while. There’s also been just a lot of empty promises and radio silence. The only thing I can say to explain it all is that the vicious yearly cycle that I seem to always put myself in, ended up happening again. I start something new, dive in head…

Weekly Update

Hello friends. It’s been a pretty hectic week and I wanted to try to blog on Sundays or at least post something on Sunday. So here it is. Ok maybe not just this but an explanation. I’ve got a large broker meeting this week that I need to prep for and then I will be…

2017 Oh what a year

2017 has come and gone and like most of the previous years, I don’t remember most of what happened. Part of me wants to blame it on a terrible memory, but deep down I know it’s really because I didn’t do much of significance to have decent enough memories to remember. So, I figured I’d…

Insane couple of weeks

Hello world. To say that it has been a whirlwind of a month would be an understatement, but also it would be a bit insensitive due to the past couple hurricanes. Nonetheless, I have been inundated with job interviews and am currently working on moving across the state. Once I get settled, I promise to…

Something soon 

Hello yall! I’ve been working on a few big things that I’m working on posting. One is hopefully a video of the assembly of my new desktop and the other being a introspective on the sushi restaurant industry. I apologize again for ignoring my obligations here but time makes fools of us all.  Stay tuned…

Dear Men and Women at my Gym

I see you there. The nameless faces that pick up heavy objects and subsequently put them back down. The tanned, headphone wearing, tank top rocking, chiseled human beings that are in a pursuit of ‘gains.’  The older men and women that come in and sometimes inadvertently take over machines or benches for a quick simple…

Where is my head

TL:DR Daily meditation has helped my insomnia, stress and depression. It just takes a little commitment and an open mind.

Love and Food

TL:DR Food can evoke some of the strongest memories and emotions buried deep in our minds and it can happen whenever we want.

Letting Go

TL:DR: It’s ok to cut people out of your life that no longer fit into who you are, but it doesn’t change the fact that they made an impact on shaping the person you are today.


TL:DR Being a chef is hard as fuck and burnout is your own damn fault, but it’s avoidable.