Weekly Update

Hello friends.

It’s been a pretty hectic week and I wanted to try to blog on Sundays or at least post something on Sunday. So here it is. Ok maybe not just this but an explanation.

I’ve got a large broker meeting this week that I need to prep for and then I will be headed to Chicago on Wednesday through Friday. Hopefully in my downtime I will be able to finish one or more of the drafts I have been working on and will have an brand spanking new blog post of nonsensical rants about some topic that has been on my mind.

So stay tuned. I’m working on a schedule for posts which should have some more structure to what I’ll write about every week. We’ll see though. This is all just a nice work in progress just like my life in general.

I appreciate any and all of you that stop by and tune into my world for a bit. Enjoy the week and talk to y’all soon.


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